Celtic Kirtan (2015)



The traditional melodies of Ireland, the call and response form of Indian kirtan, the emphasis on the divine feminine, and the common themes of lament, lullabu, and love, offers a musical expression of a spirituality that dances in both worlds and beyond.










Arise My Love (2013)

Stefan Andre Waligur


A musical setting for the Mass of All Hallows that honors the rich heritage of Celtic Christianity by weaving together the sacred texts of the Eucharist with treasured traditional Irish melodies.









Blessed are the Peacemakers (2006)

Stefan Andre Waligur


Inspirational songs of peace that are beautiful, uplifting and prayerful.










Celtic Mass: Songs and Chants (2008)

Stefan Andre Waligur


This music brings beautiful Celtic melodies into powerful group chanting and song similar to Krishna Das kirtan.










"... absolutely breath-taking...powerful is not even near to the right word. Everybody should have a chance to hear and then hear again and again. Thank you so much!"


Phyllis Tickle

Author/ Scholar and Fellow at the

National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. 





"...a powerful way to prayer through music...an ongoing blessings to our community."


Jim Thompson


Stanford University, California





"Stefan's music and sensitivity bring us into the very heart of prayer, the beginning of the inner journey." 


Mary Cosby 

Co-Founder Church of the Saviour in Washington, D.C.



Stefan Andre Waligur

Community of Peace in Louisa, VA